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Mycelium Mystique A Trap Odyssey – The Mushroom Network


Dive into the sonic universe of “Mycelium Mystique: A Trap Odyssey” by The Mushroom Network, a masterpiece that transcends the ordinary bounds of electronic music. This 8-minute epic is not just a song; it’s a journey through the mystical and the unknown, propelled by the heart-thumping tempo of 150.01 bpm and rooted in the shadowy depths of E minor.

Imagine yourself embarking on an odyssey through uncharted cosmic territories, where each beat is a step deeper into the mycelial networks of sound. The track unfolds like a living, breathing entity, with its 88% instrumental essence painting vibrant soundscapes that invite you to close your eyes and let your imagination roam free.

As you float in this auditory space, the “Energetic” pulse and “Happy/Cheerful/Euphoric” vibes uplift and transport you to a realm of euphoria. Yet, the track maintains a “Spacey” ambiance, reminiscent of gazing into the infinite expanse of the universe, where time slows down, and you’re adrift among the stars.

“Mycelium Mystique” is not merely music; it’s an experience—a fusion of Abstract IDM’s experimental pulse, the universal language of EDM/Dance, and the immersive depths of Psychedelic Bass. It’s a call to the seekers, the dreamers, and the dancers, inviting all to join in this grand voyage through sound and sensation.

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Embark on a unique auditory journey with The Mushroom Network, meticulously curated by Myco-Verse Productions. Our music is an eclectic fusion that transcends conventional boundaries, embodying the vast and mystical realm of fungi intertwined with a spectrum of sonic landscapes. From the vibrant energy of Sarasota’s nightclubs to the pioneering spirit of The Mushroom Network, our journey is a testament to the power of music and mycology, woven together to craft a deeply resonant experience.

Battling ADHD, PTSD, OCD, and anxiety, etc. alongside navigating the challenges of a tumultuous marriage, led to a transformative solitude. It was in the quiet embrace of nature that the tranquil beauty of mycology beckoned, guiding us towards the creation of The Mushroom Network. This venture symbolizes not just a return to musical roots but a profound rebirth of the soul. Music has evolved from a profession to a sanctuary—a medium to express the intricate dance of struggles and triumphs, a voice for the silent battles of mental health.

The Mushroom Network is dedicated to a wide range of musical explorations, following the heart’s lead to create unique works of art that aspire to connect, heal, and inspire. Each melody is a reflection of our journey, a beacon for those navigating the complexities of the mind and the shadows of life. Our platform isn’t just about sharing music; it’s a movement towards healing, understanding, and rediscovering our fundamental essence.

By choosing to support us directly through purchases from our site, you play a crucial role in empowering the artists behind the music, ensuring they receive the recognition and reward they rightfully deserve. Moreover, you’ll find the most competitive prices, straight from the source.

Join us at The Mushroom Network, where each track is more than a song—it’s a step towards inner peace, a thread in the fabric of a global mycelial web connecting us all. We invite you to be part of this journey, to find solace in our shared experiences and to celebrate the diversity of life through the universal language of music. Thank you for taking the time to understand our mission and for being an integral part of our community.

If purchasing a song or album isn’t in your plans but you still wish to support our journey, consider following us on Spotify or subscribing to our YouTube Channel. Your engagement and support through these platforms make a significant difference, offering encouragement and fueling our creative endeavors. Each follow, listen, and subscription opens new doors for us and helps spread the magic of The Mushroom Network far and wide. It’s a simple gesture that means the world to us, reinforcing the impact of community and shared passion for music. By joining us on Spotify and YouTube, you become an integral part of our growing family, helping to elevate our message and mission. Your support, in any form, truly helps us more than you may realize. Together, we can continue to explore the vast Myco-Verse, creating and sharing music that resonates with the soul. Thank you for considering this path of support. Every bit of engagement is a step towards greater achievements and deeper connections within our community. Namaste.


The Mushroom Network





Release Date:

January 22, 2024

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